All week long, we’ve been revealing the best types of Food that you must try in Singapore on our Instagram and FaceBook. Introducing our Singapore Food Guide for 2018, here are the seven of the stars that made it onto our list! We will be releasing the next 7 this coming week so be sure to follow us Instagram (@chiaklocal) if you would like to chope a seat to see what made it onto our list!


The coconut-based curry broth, is what gives Laksa its smooth and creamy texture. Served with Fish, Prawn or Meat, and topped with Taupok, Beansprouts and an egg. What makes a good bowl of Laksa is it’s broth – which has to be a perfect balance of spice and coconut milk.

Kaya Toast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the quintessential Singaporean breakfast is usually Kaya Toast, Kopi and Half-Boiled Eggs. Kaya Toast is served with butter on two slices of toasted bread. You can eat it on its own or dip it in the Kopi or half-boiled eggs that usually accompanies the toast.

Kopi is the Singaporean version of coffee, which is vastly different from the usual espresso and cappuccino. Join our food tour and we tell you how kopi is made and how to order best coffee.

Carrot Cake

I know I said cake, but why do the pictures depict something that far beyond what a cake looks like?

Unlike the far more popularised version of the cinnamon and carrot infused cake that is taken as a dessert, in our carrot cake, you can hardly see any of the above.

That’s because the carrots used in this dish are white carrots (Radish). The white carrots are incorporated into rice flour and then fried together with garlic and eggs, then garnished chai poh (preserved radish).

Depending on your preference, you can opt for the ‘black’ version, in which sweet dark soy is added to give the dish a sweeter aftertaste. However, if your preference is something that is more savoury, you can try the white version!

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice can be considered Singapore’s National Dish. It has dominated all corners of Singapore, from hawkers to even hotels. Served with a fragrant rice that is usually cooked in chicken stock infused with Ginger and Pandan leaves, the chicken can be served boiled, roasted or braised in soy sauce. What makes the dish is the chilli sauce that is served along with it, tangy and spicy is what you’re looking for to compliment your chicken rice.

Fishball Noodles

This is another dish that you can find in many hawker centres. If you’re looking for a simple yet flavourful meal, Fishball Noodles in the dish for you. Fishballs are made from a finely minced fish paste and that has been beaten to a light bouncy texture. Be it soup or dry, you can enjoy Fishball Noodles.


Be it Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Supper, Prata is something that you can eat (and crave) anywhere and at any time. A well-loved Indian dish, Roti means Bread and Prata means flat. It is made by stretching dough that is infused with ghee (Indian Butter) and then fried and served with fish, mutton or chicken curry. What you want to look out for is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Muah Chee

If you have a sweet tooth and love peanuts, then this little snack is for you!

Made from glutinous rice, the sticky dough is steamed and then covered with finely crushed peanuts or sesame and sugar. The dough is then cut up into small pieces and served! It’s so simple yet so satisfying!

Similar to mochi from Japan, this tasty little snack is the childhood of many different Singaporeans. It is hard to find such snacks in Singapore, so when you do chance upon it, be sure to get a packet to try!

And that concludes Part 1 of our Chiak Local Ultimate Food Guide!

Want to try all these delicious food? Join us on our Chiak Local Tours and we will definitely bring you to try out all the scrumptious dishes that Singapore has to offer! Exploring areas like Joo Chiat and Chinatown,

Chiak Local promises to give you the most authentic local experience because we believe that the best way to eat, is the local way!

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